The Hive

This is an abstract exploration of the beauty and symmetry in the man-made structure of a hive. The hive is a metaphor for an urban landscape. Size:  18 x 24…


This colourful abstract canvas is a three dimensional sunflower. Texture  is created through fabric which gives the painting a very organic feel. Size: 22  x 30 Price: $750

Pen & Ink Drawing

These pen and ink drawings have a remarkable 3-dimensional quality that draws the viewer into the intricate and infinite patterns.


It’s a puzzle how human relationships seem to fit together. We are interconnected and interdependent. This abstracted version of the Puzzle of Life shows how things can nearly fit when…

The Swarm

This colourful abstract piece is an exploration of recurring shapes and patterns that repeat in nature. Seeing the beauty in these patterns helps us to appreciate the world we live…


This abstracted view of a cityscape from an aerial view can be viewed at Press Play exhibit this summer in Hyde Park.